The One with the ABCs of 2016 (A Recap)


Happy New Year, friends! Well, it was a big year; I’ve seen many memes about 2016 and while I think many of them are true (and we could all be doomed), I’m going to focus on some of the good things that have happened. Please enjoy my ABC’s of 2016.

  • Adopted a(nother) dog
  • Binge watched HTGAWM and Gilmore Girls
  • Charlie turned 30!
  • Danced to Switchfoot + Fitz and the Tantrums with Liz and Seth
  • Erased student loan debt
  • First birthday celebration + baptism for Maura
  • Guest-starred on Chicago Fire – okay… it was a cameo
  • Hosted an Invisalign braces party in my mouth
  • Introduced Emily to all of the Pat’s in her life
  • Joined the Blue Crew for Liz’s wedding!
  • Kitten rescue and placement in a no-kill shelter
  • Listened to Hanson on every long distance car ride
  • Maine vacation in July
  • Nashville vacation in September
  • Olympics gymnastic team fangirling
  • Played two rounds of real golf and many mini-golfs
  • Quit eating carbs for a week
  • Resumed eating carbs and felt overwhelming joy
  • Spooned PhoebeCat on the couch on the weekends
  • Traveled to NYC, Boston, San Diego, Austin for work
  • Uploaded all engagement + wedding photos to Facebook
  • Visited Rachel, Allie and Andrew in Grand Rapids
  • World Series win for the Cubbies
  • Xperienced the joy of eating ribs on Thanksgiving
  • Youthfully celebrated my last full year as a 20-something
  • Zieserl’ed for 365 days!




The One Where I Tell You Why You’re Here

Let’s be honest; I don’t know why you’re here. I only know why I’m here. So maybe this post should really be titled: The One Where I Tell You Why I’m Here. But it’s not, so let’s move on.

I’m here to chronicle, capture and share what’s happening in life (my life – or our lives, because this kind of thing isn’t Charlie’s cup of coffee).

Living in Chicago has a few perks: countless restaurants, manageable public transit and the Lovable Losers 2016 World Series Champions.  However, it that means we are usually far from some of the family and friends that we love the most.

So I’ve started this blog to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Zeez household.

Maybe you’re here to follow along?